Ordering and delivery restrictions in place. READ OUR COVID-19 UPDATE
Ordering and delivery restrictions in place. READ OUR COVID-19 UPDATE
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About Authentic

Authentic Furniture is all about offering the very best customer service and a range of furniture that is, as per the very definition of “Authentic”; reliable, honest and trustworthy. 



1  GENUINE, original, real actual, pukka, bona fide, true, veritible; sterling; attested, undisputed, rightful, legitimate, lawful, legal, valid; informal the real McCoy, the genuine article, the real thing, your actual, kosher, honest-to-goodness;

2 RELIABLE, trustworthy, authoritative, honest, faithful, accurate, exact, dependable, factual, true, truthful, veracious, true to life;

All Authentic furniture is handmade to order using traditional techniques by craftsman who share our passion for great quality and have pride in what they make.  So much so that each piece of Authentic furniture is labelled and signed off by the craftsmen that made it. 

Each and every piece of Authentic Furniture has an individuality that sets it apart to ensure that it’s distinctive, unique and very much yours.

British made

All our furniture is handmade in Great Britain and when we say all we mean ALL!

Short cuts aren’t our style: -

  • We don’t sell token pieces of British made furniture and then import the bulk of our range from abroad
  • We don’t put imported furniture components together in Britain then say it’s “British-made"
  • And we don’t claim to have “British-made” furniture by designing it in Britain and then simply go and get it made abroad
  • When you buy an Authentic piece of furniture we guarantee that it has been handmade with love and attention in Great Britain.

Value for money

Value for money is the keystone of everything we offer; we aren’t offering you the cheapest furniture on the market but what we do promise is that by choosing an Authentic piece you will be making an investment in the very best possible quality.

When you make the decision to invest in an Authentic piece of furniture you can be confident that it will last for years to come.  There’s nothing wrong with cheap furniture and then replacing it when it’s gone creaky but that’s simply not us.  We follow the principle of buy quality, buy once and sit back and enjoy!