Ordering and delivery restrictions in place. READ OUR COVID-19 UPDATE
Ordering and delivery restrictions in place. READ OUR COVID-19 UPDATE

"We're passionate about providing furniture that is handmade in Britain to the highest quality with straight forward, honest pricing and unbeatable customer service. That's what makes our furniture truly Authentic."

About our furniture
Why Authentic?
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About Authentic
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About our furniture

"The most important attribute of a piece of Authentic furniture is that we can talk with our customers at our showroom and in front of an Authentic piece and feel properly proud of it!"

It has to be designed, made and finished to the highest possible standard down to the finest detail.  The same has to apply when we have the pleasure of taking an Authentic piece into one of our customers homes.  We’re not in the business of displaying lovely pieces on our website and in our showroom only to send out anything but the very best.

So to back up our claims of great furniture to be proud of we put our money where our mouth is and offer industry leading guarantee’s (without a fistful of get out clauses in the T&C’s!)  All our wooden furniture carries a 20 year guarantee, our sofas and chairs 15 years and then our diners and footstools 10 years.  Plus we’ll happily deliver your furniture and if it’s not EXACTLY what you wanted we’ll come back, collect it and refund you in full.* 

*If unused and undamaged, inform us within 21 days of collection / delivery, see terms & conditions for full details.

Our Woodworking Workshops

We have two workshops making our own Authentic designs both located in Great Britain.

The first is located in a local mill just down the road from our showroom here in the Peaks.  A rustic and simple workshop with an old fashioned ethos of cabinet making they produce all our reclaimed timber furniture.  The team are dedicated to producing simple furniture made to last a lifetime.  The character and history shown in each of every timber is individually selected and positioned within the design to maximise the individual character of each and every piece.  Our timbers are sourced locally from old mills, factories, schools and other old buildings; all of the timbers are then cleaned up, treated and hand-picked for crafting into beautifully unique furniture to become the heart of your home.  

Our second workshop is located in the heart of Suffolk where the traditions of cabinet making are renowned as some of the finest in the world.  The workshop is literally like stepping-back in time into the handcrafted dark oak hallway with grandfather clock, brass bell and traditional clocking in machine.  They've been making fine furniture for over 70 years. 

Our Upholstery Workshops

Our upholstery workshop has been owned and run by three generations of the same family based in Long Eaton, Derbyshire, the British home of upholstery.  Stuart and his team are passionate about doing it right or not at all.  They follow the traditional methods of upholstery which to this day remain not only the best but also the right way to do things.  This passion and love for their trade are what make them such a perfect fit to our Authentic philosophy.

Why Authentic?

Clearly you have a vast array of options when it comes to choosing who you can trust to supply the furniture for your home. 
At Authentic we want to be different, we want to ensure there’s some good old fashioned personality in what we do, we’re all passionate about our furniture and the service we offer. 

We look at how we do things very much from the perspective of “how would we want to be treated ourselves?”   This gives us a clear vision of what’s important and what’s not so that we can meet and ultimately exceed your expectations.

Of course this all sounds great but in real terms do we back up our statements?  We think so…

  • •  21 days free returns policy, if your not DELIGHTED with your furniture we’ll come back, collect it and refund you in full*
  • •  Proper, reliable, honest guarantees without the need for lots of get out clauses in the terms and conditions.  All our wooden furniture carries a 20 year guarantee, our sofas and chairs 15 years and then our diners and footstools 10 years. 
  • •  Handmade BRITISH furniture; all our furniture is handcrafted with pride in Great Britain, even the solid oak frames of our diners are locally made
  • •  The ultimate buying experience and after sales care; we pride ourselves on our genuine, friendly approach, there’s no hard sell, simply good old fashioned     knowledgeable advice both about buying from Authentic.   And when we say we’ll get back to you, we do!

  • *If unused and undamaged, inform us within 21 days of collection / delivery, see terms & conditions for full details

Visit us in the Peaks

Do you really need an excuse to come to the Peaks?  It’s stunning up here, we're all local to the area and more than happy to give you some tips about where to stay, visit, drink or eat - there’s some brilliant hidden gems that only the locals know about!

Just drop us an email with what you like and what you're after and we'll get back to you with some suggestions, in the meantime here’s a few ideas...

Why not coincide your visit with the world famous International Hen Racing Championships on the first Saturday in August at The Barley Mow, Bonsall

Bakewell Farmers Market;  just up the road from our showroom is a must for any foodie, it’s the second biggest in the country but it’s not about the quantity, it’s the quality.   It’s always on the last Saturday of every month (check at Christmas time though).

Like your real ale?

Derbyshire is the Real Ale capital of Britain with numerous, unique and individual pubs near by, we also have the nationally acclaimed Thornbridge Brewery a few miles down the road, go for a tour and sample a few of their freshly brewed, awarding winning ales.

If you’re after a proper, Derbyshire pub with the real fire, great pub food and of course local ales then here are a few of the best pubs around…

The Barley Mow, Bonsall

The Red Lion, Litton

The Old Poets Corner, Ashover

The Olde Gate Inn, Brassington

The Devonshire, Beeley

The Packhorse, Little Longstone

Heritage more your thing?

Well we have the incredible Chatsworth House 2 miles up the road, just taking a walk by the river is worth the trip alone but if you do have time looking round the House is a must.  There’s also the twice winner of Best f arm shop in Britain, Chatsworth Farmshop, which is world renowned for it’s hampers and locally reared meats.

There's also Haddon Hall a couple miles in the other direction, it's Britain’s most complete (and still lived in!) medieval house – ever seen the film The Princess Bride?  Well Haddon Hall was Humperdinck’s Castle!

Looking for an idyllic holiday home to come and stay? 

Check these places out…

The Swiss Cottage overlooking it’s own lake
The Hunting Tower with views over Chatsworth and the grounds designed by Capability Brown 
Harthill Hall for your very own Manor House

These are very special places (and quite pricey) but we also have a number of friends with (less costly) holidays homes for let, just let us know what you're after and we can send you some suggestions.

What ever you're after we're very lucky to live a beautiful part of the world and we're more than happy to help you make the most of it (as long as you come and say hello!)

Hopefully see you soon!

About Authentic

Authentic Furniture is all about offering the very best customer service and a range of furniture that is, as per the very definition of “Authentic”; reliable, honest and trustworthy. 



GENUINE, original, real actual, pukka, bona fide, true, vertible; sterling; attested, undisputed, rightful, legitimate, lawful, legal, valid; informal the real McCoy, the genuine article, the real thing, your actual, kosher, honest-to-goodness;

2 RELIABLE, trustworthy, authoritative, honest, faithful, accurate, exact, dependable, factual, true, truthful, veracious, true to life;

All Authentic furniture is handmade to order using traditional techniques by craftsman who share our passion for great quality and have pride in what they make; so much so that each piece of Authentic Furniture is labelled and signed off by the craftsmen that made it. 

Each and every piece of Authentic Furniture has an individuality that sets it apart to ensure that it’s distinctive, unique and very much yours.

British made

All our furniture is handmade in Great Britain and when we say all we mean ALL!

Short cuts aren’t our style: -

  • • We don’t sell token pieces of British made furniture and then import the bulk of our range from abroad

  • • We don’t put imported furniture components together in Britain then say it’s “British-made"

  • • And we don’t claim to have “British-made” furniture by designing it in Britain and then simply go and get it made abroad

When you buy an “Authentic” piece of furniture we guarantee that it has been handmade with 
love and attention in Great Britain.

Value for money

Value for money is the keystone of everything we offer; we aren’t offering you the cheapest furniture on the market but what we do promise is that by choosing an Authentic piece you will be making an investment in the very best possible quality.

When you make the decision to invest in an Authentic piece of furniture you can be confident that it will last for years to come, there’s nothing wrong with cheap furniture and then replacing it when it’s gone creaky but that’s simply not us - we follow the principle of buy quality, buy once and sit back and enjoy!